Private Investigations

Austin Protection Security conducts investigations that stand up to the toughest scrutiny. Our professional investigators, analysts and technical staff uncover the evidence needed to win cases or achieve the client's goals. Information is provided on a timely basis and is accurate, thoroughly analyzed and professionally presented.


Integrity - without it , Clients trust is lost. Information or evidence that is tainted by illegal or questionable means is inadmissible in court. It may also present serious liabilities for the client. We at APS would not disregard the rules of evidence and damage our client's case.

APS investigations offers clients discreet and personal assistance in all of the following areas:

Consultation (One Hour )  NO CHARGE

Criminal/Civil Investigations  Retainer $1,500.00   $85.00 hour

  1. Case Evaluation and Re-investigations for Victims/Complainants
  2. Locate and Interview Witnesses
  3. Crime Scene Inspections

Matrimonial, Custody & Domestic Matters

  1. Matrimonial/Child Custody Surveillance
  2. Custodial Interference/Parental Abduction/Child Recovery Cases
  3. Stalking/Harassment Cases

Litigation Support

  1. Locate and Interview Witnesses
  2. Collection of Physical Evidence
  3. Video, Photographic and Audio Preservation of Evidentiary Matters
  4. Public Record Retrieval/Freedom of Information Requests